5 Amazing Benefits of Glass Partition Walls

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If we look at the three biggest challenges building management professionals face every day, they will include: maximization of occupancy, increasing facility revenue and reducing the operating cost of the rented facility/office/home/building.

In the case of a rented corporate facility, the problem grows even complex because every corporation has own objectives, own style of in-door branding, and other business needs. Some may opt for open office whereas others may ask for separate rooms, glass partition walls, and private meeting areas.

If you are a facility manager, you do not know what to do as one style of office design will not suit all clients, which ultimately is a challenge for you and the boss (the property owner). If you are caught in a similar situation and finding it hard to optimize space utilization, modular glass partition walls can be a good source of relief for you.  They offer a range of advantages over drywall partitions and serve your core purpose as well.

5 Benefits of Portable Glass Partitions Walls

In the following, we are going to list down the top five common advantages of glass dividers that you can install at your commercial office spaces and homes.

  1. Ease of Personalization / Customization

We are living in an era of rapid personalization and customized solutions. The fundamental advantage of modular glass partitions is that you can easily customize your facility’s outlook as per the client’s needs and requirements without actually changing the architecture. Portable partitions allow you to create new outlook and spaces far easier than it could be done through traditional means.

In a traditional setup, you need to build walls and (at times) damage the existing setup to modify it into a new shape. If your facility had cubicles for previous clients and your new client wants an open office environment, with just meeting and conference rooms, you could easily do that through portable glass walls.

All you need is clearer requirements from your client and employ the portal glass partition walls – and your facility’s new outlook is ready.

  1. Optimized Noise Cancellation

If you work or manage an open-office/workspace, you would agree that excessive noise is a big issue there. This cripples people’s ability to work and focus on their tasks; resulting in reduced team productivity and output.

If you wish to solve this problem with dry walls or traditional partition mechanics, you will have to compromise the nature (or outlook) of the office. If you wish to keep the office outlook the same and reduce the noise, glass partitions could be of big help. Glass walls enable building managers to control the noise at large, and help their clients improve team productivity without any real feeling of change in the design outlook.

All you need is to identify the problem areas and install half-height or full-height glass partitions (as per need) and your noise problem is significantly reduced. If you work with a reliable glass walls provider, they should guide you on the right type and design of the installation, and also suggest key interior design ideas for the facility as well.

  1. Low-Cost of Design Changes

In any business decision, cost matters a lot in the decision-making. For any facility manager, it is very difficult not to agree to design changes for client needs, as it is quite a standard practice that clients demand changes. In such scenarios, whether you have to modify the interior design of your space on a client request or make it more attractive for the prospects, portable modular glass walls can be a very cost-effective option.

In addition to this, your in-house maintenance team can process this quite fast in most of the cases. However, even if you think that a local glass walls company is needed for the job, your cost is still lower as compared to the traditional design changes and modifications.

How? Because glass partition walls are designed with portability in mind and they are very easy to move without any need for special tools or too many people. Additionally, you will not have to keep your building closed for a longer time period (due to the rapid pace of work) which is another advantage in terms of cost and time.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal and Beauty

Aesthetic appeal and beauty is a fundamental requirement of any client. Irrespective of the style and type of layout they ask for, glass partition walls add more to the beauty of the space and make the building attractive for clients of all types and industries. Glass partitions let in more natural light and are healthier option alongside being aesthetically pleasing.

Glass partitions, whether of the portable or fixed nature are more trendy in design and more appealing for clients across industries. If you wish to be able to reconfigure your commercial or residential space on a regular basis and attract a wide range of clientele, keeping a modern and trendy design nature is important – which is only possible with glass walls.

  1. More Health-friendly

Fixed and portable glass partition walls enable facility managers and owners to create a healthy environment for their clients. They can create an office space where natural light can easily penetrate even the darkest of the corners and offer a good dose of vitamin D to the residents. In addition, portable glass partitions can be a great source to manage the ventilation problem in modern offices.

This combination of sunlight and fresh air penetration can be the best selling point for any business facility as modern businesses and professionals are increasingly more health-focused and wish to create a health-friendly environment for their teams.

If you are a business and wish to move into a new location, or a building manager who wishes to attract new clients, the listed points should give you an idea of the advantages of glass partition walls. If you need an easy to customize, affordable, health-friendly, and more productive option for facility management, glass partition is the right solution for you.

In case you do not have the in-house talent to advise on the type and styles for your building, TG Glass Works can help you not only with advice but with an actual solution tailored to your needs.

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