5 Things We Ignore about Aluminium Composite Panels

Types of aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels (or ACPs) are made up of two flat aluminium panels. Both aluminum panels held together through a non-aluminum core makes it lightweight, durable, and a trendy option in modern buildings and signage.

While some people get their advantages and benefits, a lot of us are quite unsure about their utility and advantages. Irrespective of the nature of installation – residential or a commercial purpose, ACPs offer a whole range of advantages. In the following, we will share 7 very important things about aluminium composite panels that we often ignore.

  1. Durability and Strength

Since these doors are made using high-quality metals, plastics, PVC and/or fiber, they prove out to be a durable option in all use-cases. The entire panel – from edge to edge, top to bottom, bears quality without any weak point that burglars could target. If your prime concern is security and privacy, ACPs are the right option for your facility.

In addition to providing enhanced security, these panels prove out to be weather-resistant, which means, they can be trusted in all types of weather and environmental conditions. Hence, if your concern is a durable option that could work well across seasons, it serves the purpose.

  1. Quality Does Not Mean Too High Cost

We generally perceive that quality means higher cost and it is often true. However, if we look at the ACPs, their quality outpaces the cost as aluminium composite panels reduce the burden on your kitty. These panels are a cost-effective solution for people and businesses searching for a streamlined, contemporary structure.

In addition to this, these panels save a lot of money in other areas where you may have to invest in otherwise. For example, they facilitate lower-energy usage and help in better lighting due to the inflow of natural light. You also save a lot of money and time on maintenance as these are low-maintenance solutions, unlike the traditional external timber doors that require more care and regular maintenance and painting.

3: Help in Image Building

As we all know, the outlook of any facility is of extreme importance. Composite panels and doors are available in various options, sizes, and color schemes, allowing you to experiment and match them with your brand story. If you are a business, this could be even more important and valuable as it could support your branding and image building.

Unlike the traditional options, these composite panels allow you to offer an enhanced view and enhanced branded experience to prospects. Since aluminum enables you to develop aesthetically appealing material, you could catch more eyeballs through a non-verbal message. Hence, ACPs could be your sales and PR agents.

  1. Enhanced Customization

We have talked about the composite panels’ security and weather-resistance features, but their most promising advantage is enhanced customization.  You could modify them as per your needs, building structure, brand theme, and bunch of other considerations. However, the word of caution would be to consult a professionally trained and certified agency or professionals who could process things for you.

You do not wish to ruin the image and investment by hiring some amateur professional who knows nothing about customization. A word of advice is to check the credentials of the agency you are hiring. It is better to hire people who have prior experience in deeper customization, seamless installation, and professional maintenance.

  1. Value Appreciation

Any individual who owns a property and wishes to sell/rent them, anything that could add value to the end value is a welcome thing. Based on the study and market trends, any such thing that enhances the beauty and outlook of the building ultimately increases its market value. Aluminum composite panels (among other things) can add value to the facility and help in cracking better rental deals.

Whether you plan to sell or rent out, customized panels and entrances will help in attracting more qualified leads with more budget. However, we are not undermining other things like location of the facility in this regards. The only point is that if you wish to really improve the outlook and increase the market value of the property, investing in these kinds of things will help grab a better deal.

Are you ready to take advantage?

We have tried to list down all the things that we often ignore but are important with respect to planning your facility’s outlook and entrances. Now we know that aluminum composite panels can help in enhancing building security, nurturing leads, improving the building outlook, and saving on electricity bills, the next step is to take the right decision.

We recommend relying on experienced professionals or a company that has proven experience in the domain. At TG Glass Works, we are committed to helping residential and business customers with a wide range of solutions including aluminum composite panels. Over the last many years, we have been helping businesses of all kinds in planning, installation, and maintenance of glassworks. Whether you wish to install a new glass storefront or have a custom entrance system, our team is just one call away.

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