5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Shower Glass Doors

Shower enclosures, also known as shower doors are one of the most intensively used glass solutions. It is a multi-purpose product that serves various objectives like keeping the water in the premise and giving you a luxurious shower experience. Irrespective of your personality or social status, you would want to have a shower glass door solution to enhance the beauty of your facility and add more to the experience.

However, despite wider penetration and popularity, not many people can get the most out of their shower enclosures. A lot of these shower glass panels are broken within a short span of time, or get too ugly to be taken in house or hotel. Therefore, it is a common challenge to maintain their beauty and health, in order to enjoy the same level of experience like day one.

Here, we are sharing some tried and tested tips to help you get rid of this issue. Some of them are related to pre-installation and some after you are done with installation.

  1. Install the Most Suitable, Not the Most Beautiful One

This may sound weird but is a very important principle of any interior design or home décor thing. Always pick something that suits you and your facility, not something that looks beautiful in your eyes. At times we pick a product just for its beautiful shape or design, but that is not compatible with our facility or our own image.

Suitability also means that going with something that could easily be adjusted within your available budget. Many folks go with an option that simply looks great in a television commercial or social media graphic. They may be the best of the options, but could ruin your financials. Therefore, the first rule of thumb is to pick up a suitable option design-wise and numbers-wise.

  1. Hire an Experienced and Specialist Vendor

The second simple tip is to hire only the subject specialists who have got experience in this domain. Go with a service provider that has extensive experience in the shower glass works. Experienced companies and people know the difference between beautiful and suitable, and can also determine what may look great in your facility.

Now the question is, how do you know if they are experienced in this particular domain or what is their level of expertise in this respective area?

Well, in this era of information technology, this is no more difficult. When consulting a glass railing installation company, you should check the following to verify their expertise.

  • Explore their website’s service and about us sections
  • Visit reviews, listing, and social media websites to get a picture of their reputation
  • Check their team’s profiles and see their expertise in respective areas.
  • Talk to their customer support and seek their input on technical and experience. Ask them for a visit to seek a face-to-face interaction.
  • Check their registration and certification status.
  1. Get at Least 2-3 Quotes from Different Players

You may want to prove financially prudent and seek quotes from multiple players. This should help you make an assessment on various fronts.

  • Are they financially viable option?
  • Do they offer the best material in use?
  • What is the probable closing date?
  • What is their after-sale support idea?

Once you have answers to these, you can get a sense of your budget and can also set the right expectations on the output. Discuss your budget and requirement document with their teams in details, to set the right expectations.

  1. Seek an Assessment and Measurement Visit

As noted above, one of the key ways to make a call is to seek an assessment visit by different service providers. Ask them specifically if they cater the needs and demands of individuals and commercial projects in your respective niche – and that if they can provide luxurious experience and products.

The most important of all, ask for ultra-precision measurements to ensure custom fit glass shower door for any bathroom. If a company fits in all checkboxes, you may hire their services to take your bathroom to the next level.

  1. Always Pick Quality over Cost

Most of the people and companies make mistakes in this particular area. While price is an important decision-making factor, it should never be the sole deciding factor. Pricing and ROI are critical but we suggest you not to pick a solution merely for its low-cost. Low-cost may also mean low-quality, which may add more to the cost in terms of maintenance ore replacement.

If a company seems to be charging more, seek to find out the reasons. Maybe they offer custom built shower doors instead of standard designs and shapes. Or maybe their raw material or product quality is superior than the rest – so pick quality over cost.


We really hope that the listed points help you make the right decision with reference to product and provider selection. From picking the most suitable option to seeking multiple quotes and asking for an assessment visit, these are just common-sense practices and should help you make the most out of your soon to be installed product.

A Brief Note about TG Glass Work

We would like to inform that TG Glass Works is a registered glass works solutions company and has been in the glass business for years. Our core expertise lies in delivering custom glass solutions to the industrial and residential clients. At TG Glass Works, we offer a wide range of standard or custom-built shower doors to fulfil your requirements and needs.

We take quality very seriously and always ensure that our products (in this case shower doors) are custom-made and as per precise-measurements done at client premises. We deal in a whole range of shower door solutions and provide a whole range of them. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Shower Glass Panel
  • Inline Glass Shower Door
  • Fixed Shower Panel with Rolling Door
  • Glass Shower Enclosures
  • Frameless Glass Shower Door

For any technical or business inquiry, feel free to reach us out.

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