7 Things that Glass Storefront Can Do for Your Business

Whether you are running a cafeteria or a bookshop, managing a corporate office or a residential apartment, your facility’s entry point determines the first impression of you. Experts argue that if you are into any consumer business, using a glass storefront can offer you numerous advantages.

If you are thinking about your building’s renovation, this article should help you make the right investment decision as we are listing down 7 key advantages that store entrance glass door and display windows can offer.

  1. Attracts More Prospects

It is a psychological fact that customers are hesitant to do business at a store unless they know what does that offer. While your name and a catchy signboard may attract some eyeballs, they do not substitute for showcasing your products and offerings.

This can simply be done by putting large glass windows that help prospects have the inside view of the entire store. You can also enclose displays and showcase a specific set of products or put on an open exhibition to show a particular set of products, and offer a store view behind. This will boost customers’ traffic and increase the chances of conversion.

  1. Adds More to Aesthetics

How many times you walked past a store with concrete or other materials, and had a conversation about it with your friends and family, later? Ideally, very little or no time at all. This simply because that is just another building that has nothing special to offer unless they have put on something extraordinary outside.

Conversely, when there are store entrance glass doors and display windows installed, you cannot stop but take a look at what is going on inside, and if the view offers something exciting, you may want to explore and have a conversation about it. This aesthetic appeal can help a business differentiate itself from competitors and attract more prospects by giving them a non-verbal invitation to explore the store from the inside. Since you can customize the outlook of the glass, it can further add to the branding and improve sales.

  1. Enhances Your Security

Security is certainly a matter of concern for businesses of all kinds but can be more problematic for retail outlets. If the staff or owner does not have any way to look for any suspicious activity or person outside, they cannot do anything to prevent any break-in. One potential way is to install security cameras but they have their own weak spots.

The other and secure way is to have a glass storefront and keep an eye on the outside to locate any problem ahead and do the needful. Similarly, when the store is closed, it is very easy to spot a thief or suspicious activity from the outside, if there are glass windows. WIth protective concrete walls, it is virtually impossible to locate any such activity from the outside.

  1. Increases the Value of the Property

If you own a property or a retail space, you want to attract a client who wishes to pay more. When retail stores are looking to rent a location, they want to have the very best. One potential way to increase the attraction and value of your property is to put a glass storefront, and allow various see-through, merchandising, and branding options.

Whether you wish to sell the facility or rent out, storefront windows will certainly add more to the value and you will be able to charge more.

  1. Saves More on the Energy Cost

In the points above, we explained how display windows can add more to the value of the property and help a store increase sales, improve customers’ traffic, and secure. The story does not end here, as the storefront windows system can help you reduce your cost of business by saving you on the fixed utility costs.

Since the glass attracts natural light from the outside, your lighting consideration can be lessened. Moreover, with a better insulation system, the store can save quite a lot of money in terms of heating or cooling bills every month.

  1. Helps in Lead Nurturing

You may have heard about ‘lead nurturing’. It is the process of developing relationships with the buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and offer guidance throughout the buying cycle. It is human psychology that we tend to see a product prior to purchasing it. At times, we want to predetermine their valuable placement and get a sense of true benefit. If your store has a traditional wall, it prevents prospects from making any such calculations.

Conversely, by choosing a glass storefront, the likelihood of a passerby walking into the store and checking an item soars up. If someone regularly passes by your store, they eventually end up walking into the store (something not their previous consideration) and place an order for something. The end result, more flow to your bottom line.

  1. Improves Staff Productivity

You may not have thought about this as this is probably the least apparent advantage of all. When the store is very much visible from the outside, your staff is psychologically compelled to remain active, as they are aware of their visibility. This may not be a conscious behavior, but they will stay on their tasks and be more productive as they subconsciously are aware of being observed by prospects and customers from the outside.

How to Take Advantage?

Now when you have an idea of how valuable a glass storefront can be for your business. It can help in increasing sales, nurturing leads, increasing staff productivity, and improve security. The next step is making a decision whether to install the glass or improve the performance of the existing one. In any case, we recommend relying on experienced professionals or a company that has proven experience in the domain. At

At TG Glass Works, we are committed to helping residential and business customers with a wide range of solutions. Whether you wish to install a new glass storefront or require maintenance services, our team is just one call away.

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