Air tight and waterproof installation of glass curtain walls

Types of aluminum composite panels

The main reason for choosing glass curtain wall system is its airtight and waterproof installation. These systems can be categorized by their method of fabrication and installation. In the process of glass curtain walls, the frames and glass are installed and joined together piece by piece. Vertical and horizontal millions of the component are joined according to the requirement of the building. The way glass blocks fit in the aluminum frame they make strong airtight bonding. This attachment provides the durability and strength of the building so that it remains stable during hot and cold weather. The airtight installation doesn’t evaporate all the air but it works according to the required condition.

Air tight and waterproof installation of glass curtain walls

In terms of waterproof and moisture barrier, the glass curtain wall system works the best. The sealant used in the process of installation makes the glass curtain walls water and moisture resistant. It prevents the building form the severe effects of rain and moisture to enter and spoil the building.

This system delivers the sturdy and defensive option that keeps the building safe from air pressure and water damage. We at TG Glass Works use materials that are resilient to oxidization and suitable for building glass curtain wall systems. We also provide periodic inspection that is necessary to conduct for checking and maintaining the good form of the glass curtain system.

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