All You Need to Know About Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain Wall System

The curtain wall system is one of the key components of the facade technology or envelopes used for high rise buildings. Also known as glass facade, the system involves a window wall, cladding elements, and curtains, that make an exterior envelope of the building. Just like any other structural element, a glass curtain wall system possesses fundamental structural importance.  Given its nature and exterior outlook, it has to be well-designed, well-maintained, stable, and fully-functional.

Types of Curtain Wall System

Generally, these non-structural outer covers are used to protect the buildings from weather impacts alongside ensuring penetration of natural light. There are fundamentally two types of curtain wall systems, based upon their assembling.

  • Stick Curtain Wall System
  • Unitized Curtain Wall System

Stick Curtain Wall System

This is the type of system whose components are to be assembled piece by piece at the building site. This system is fundamentally used for the low-rise infrastructures in the smaller region. Part of the reason behind their selection is that to reach higher elevations exterior access is essential, which will require cranes and other support work.

Stick curtain wall system offers a number of advantages including low shipping cost as you could make adjustments on the site, though labor cost may occur.

Unitized Curtain Wall System

This is quite the opposite of the stick curtain walls. Here, the interlocking units are brought in assembled from the factory as one unit. In this case, the individual installation of different components is not necessary. This system is mainly used in skyscrapers and high-rise buildings and you do not need too much external support for the sake of installation. This system offers beauty, faster processing, and durability as it is manufactured in a factor. Their only area of concern is higher shipping and transportation cost.

Why Use Curtain Walls in Buildings?

If we look at the past, the building methods relied on the exterior walls to carry the dead weight of the roof, etc. The building’s support system was formed by greater pillars and sturdier columns, whereas steel and concrete were standard material. The walls needed no primary structural support, builders started using innovative means to add more beauty to the structure and outlook.

In the following, we are listing down some factors that led to the popularity of glass usage in the exterior facade and made curtain walls a trendy fashion.

  1. An Optimized Natural Lighting

One of the foremost reasons behind the popularity of the curtain walls in modern architecture is their enhanced allowance of natural lighting into the interior spaces. The glass walls, instead of masonry constructions, have increased the penetration of light within the structure. As a result, this makes the building a far more healthy place to live or work in, as sunlight offers vitamin D and other benefits. Moreover, it also reduces the need and cost of artificial lighting, ultimately reducing the electricity bill.

  1. Enhanced Beautification

Glass walls are far more appealing and beautiful as compared to the traditional or masonry structures. This is quite a matter of common sense than anything else, as most of the skyscrapers integrate glass with concrete structure, adding more to the beauty and outlook for eh building. This, as a result, attracts more prospects and increases the chances of getting more corporate clients and optimize revenue.

  1. Rain and Moisture Control

The modern airtight designs are the best solution to prevent air and rain intrusion. Generally, air and water penetration add more to the cleanup and repair costs in building maintenance. However, with modern glass curtain systems, the glass, sealant, and aluminum components of the curtain stop penetration of moisture and keep it out of their interior section. This serves two fundamental purposes: optimized moisture control and reduced cost on maintenance.

  1. Control of Air Leakage

Having the right air leakage control system in place is vital for facility management.

On one hand, you have to ensure proper ventilation of the building, and on the other hand, ensure no damage is done to the outer or interior sections of the building.

The outlook and design of modern curtain walls systems is to be airtight. A properly sealed system has a strong air barrier, from the glass to the seals, ensuring that the inside temperature is not disturbed through air leakage or penetration. As a result, the temperature stays where you wish the building to be while keeping the environment healthy with natural lighting.

  1. Enhanced Temperature Control

Building and maintaining the thermal qualities of the building is vital for the long life of the facility. By employing the insulation glasses in the wall system, one can easily achieve this goal. A well-constructed glass curtain system can optimize energy efficiency and reduce the cost of cooling and heating. As noted in the previous points, glass walls systems improve ventilation, lighting, and thermal qualities of the building and save a lot on costs alongside making the work environment far healthier.

How to Enjoy the Benefits in the Long-run?

As we noted above, curtain walls systems have a number of advantages in terms of beautification, health, cost-saving, and life enhancement. However, regular maintenance is one fundamental factor that should be taken as a pre-condition to breeding all of these benefits. The glass walls system should be inspected on a regular basis with a focus on glass, seals, and mullions. This will help in the timely detection of any area of improvement and ensure greater safety of the building.

Another important element is that glass installation, replacement, and maintenance should be handled by experienced professionals who have proven experience in the domain, like the ones you find at TG Glass Works. Whether you are a residential customer or manage a commercial building, we can provide a whole range of solutions and services. TG Glass Works is a leading curtain wall system manufacturing, installation, and maintenance company in NYC. If you have any specific requirements or wish to have a custom solution, feel free to reach us out.

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