Best glass for retail and commercial shops

Storefront Doors & Windows

TG Glass Works take great care to its customers so we offer an elegant and optional range of glass storefronts to oblige your taste and satisfaction. If you are thinking about building a new shop or renovation of the old one then you must be familiar with different glass types so you may elect the precise one.  Let’s get started:

  1. Glazed storefront glass:

This is a clear type of glass and mostly uses for doors. It multiplies the glazing beauty of any shop and store. With the help of this glass, you may add the factor of sophistication and charm to the reputation of your commercial area.

Best glass for retail and commercial shops

  1. Insulated storefront glass:

This type of glass maintains the temperature level inside the building. It allows the sunlight to enter the building while keeping the temperature normal. It is a pocket-friendly material to choose from as it is a big source to minimize the utility bills.

  1. Laminated storefront glass:

This type of glass is the favorite selection of architects for exterior designing. This type of storefront glass reduces the damage risks. For different geographical needs, you can select laminated glass as your storefront.

Interestingly, sound insulation is also an incredible function of laminated glass, it helps to improve the sound radiation.

  1. Silica storefront glass:

For the windows of the storefront, this type of glass works the best. Thin surface and transparency is the key factor of this type of glass.

  1. Soda lime storefront glass:

This is a vibrant and pure glass and represents all the items of the shop with clear vision. It is used to illuminate the shop with the rich amount of sunlight so there is no range of colors for this type. As it is made from sodium and calcium so it can resist strongly against hard pushes.

  1. Tempered storefront glass:

For storefronts, it is the most common choice of architects as it is called safety glass. The glass consists of small particles and does not disseminate with any hard push. It can bear the unsolicited and rigid conditions of any natural disaster.

  1. silk-screened storefront glass:

This type of glass has the vast range of designing. Any kind of texture and color scheme is applicable to the silk-screened glass. It contains many customization options to meet the modern needs and customers attraction factor. It is also used to create privacy feature in commercial areas.

Excitingly, there is every type of glass available at Glass Company NYC.

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