Undoubtedly, the glass floor is a unique and perfect choice of augmenting the grace of house or office. At TG Glass Works you can meet your desired and elegant glass floors with the choice of two materials, one of them are tempered glass and the second one is laminated glass. Here, we are going to elaborate the difference between tempered glass flooring and laminated glass flooring.

Comparison between tempered glass floor and laminated glass floor

Tempered glass floors:

The tempered glass is a durable and strong material as compared to other materials. The strength depends upon its making process. In its making, it is heated to 650 degrees and then comes to the cooling session. It has the more power to bear external pressure and it stays for the longest time.

Laminated glass floors:

This type of glass contains a light and minor weight of plastic. It has the anti-shatter quality that prevents its splinters to harm anyone in the air. Its fragments stay within the frame. This kind of glass is known as great insulators. You may also choose low iron glass floor for your home.

In short whichever glass type you choose for your floors from us, be trusted that our services are up to the mark and subject to architectural testing and approval.