Curtain wall system vs. window wall system

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The time is changing rapidly so the things, material, and appearances. In the field of the building structure, the choices have been changed much. People want attraction in their buildings so they adopt curtain wall system. There is also another option of window wall system. There is a tremendous distinction between these two. Let’s illustrate and choose the best one.

Curtain wall system vs. window wall system

Glass curtain wall system:

In glass curtain wall system the building is made from glass from top to bottom. The exterior of the building is covered with the glass slabs. The glass curtain wall system provides the self-support to any building along with stunning glances. In installation process pieces of glass joined together to make the desired shape and appearance of any building. It offers excellent structural strength against wind storms and water leakage. Also, it needs just a little effort to clean up and its maintenance cost is incredibly low.

Window wall system:

In this process, the most of the building’s part is covered with concrete slabs. The glass is used between these slabs. The window wall system is mostly used for residential areas. This type of glass installation is good for inside applications whether home or office.

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