Different Propositions for glass walls and glass partitions

The glass walls and glass partition is the emerging and immensely popular style of modern designing techniques. Keeping this in view, the TG Glass Works is serving the best quality glass products with pleasing comportments. Our manufactured glass walls and glass partitions make us flawless and unique in our goods and services. We just don’t provide glass walls and glass partitions although we offer different propositions for this purpose.

Different Propositions for glass walls and glass partitions

There are many factors that need to be taken into account before installing the glass walls and glass partitions. Many specifications are required for the correct and accurate fitting of glass. The designer has to select the appropriate decisions some of them are presented below:

  • Apposite sound rating:

The designer must consider whether there is a need for single or double glazed glass.

  • Type of glass:

We also assist our customers in choosing the right type of glass according to their accommodation like timber, glazed, double glazed, framed, and frameless glazed etc.

  • Required fire rating:

You can ask about required fire rating to our expert team and they will guide you to the right way. For example, they will help you deciding non-rated or fire rated from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • Location state:

We are apt to provide maximum glass module for your glass wall partition with width size 1500mm and 3600mm in height.

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