Different types of aluminum entrance doors

Aluminium Entrance Doors

With the advancement in technology, there are multiple choices available at Glass Company NYC regarding aluminum entrance doors. We work with so many varieties that your head may spin in selecting one for your building. Following is the brief description of different types of aluminum entrance doors:

  1. Sliding aluminum entrance doors:

This is one of the most used types of aluminum doors. It gives ease and comfort in opening the doors. Their installation is a simple process and it can be given any desired size and shape. For renovating the doors this type is ideal and perfect for any form of room. Mostly this type of doors is used for enjoying the unhindered view. These doors provide the supreme designing mishmash with different styles of curtains and other decoration options.

  1. Folding aluminum entrance doors:

This is a common and much popular type of aluminum doors. It takes less space for adjustment and provides the wide vision. These types of doors are effortlessly manageable and provide the flexibility for any kind of room and building. These doors simply upsurge the charm factor and worth of any home or other building. There is no specific size and dimension for these doors, you can get any customized shape and style for these doors.

Different types of aluminum entrance doors

  1. Porthole aluminum entrance doors:

For fabulous and eye-catching look this type is ideal for entrance doors. The huge panels of clear glass make the appearance mesmerizing and fantastic. The frames give strength and beauty to the glass. We also offer many customization options to make your aluminum entrance door splendid. This type of door can be given any desired color or color blend to boost the exquisiteness. Moreover, these doors are the best way of ventilation.

  1. Lift and slide aluminum entrance doors:

This type of aluminum doors represents the choice of the modern era. It is a need for those rooms that have less space for wooden or other kinds of doors. These doors take less space and provide the illusion of wide rooms. The lift and slide doors work under the superbly featured mechanism and definitely this quality makes it tranquil to maneuver. These types of doors are free from hinged or fold appliance. Any kind of lamination can be applied to these doors.

So, for any kind of aluminum door and its specification you can trust the name of TG Glass Works. We are serving NYC and tri-state area with refinement and earning our customer’s trust and conviction.

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