Evolution of Glass Canopies in Modern Architecture

Glass Canopies & Awnings

A canopy offers you protection from nature such as shade from the sun or you can take shelter under one if its raining. Built on either a steel or an aluminum frame, the canopy is finished with a heat and water-resistant top. However, as all things evolve, so have canopies. Most common top materials for canopies are polyester, polyethylene and vinyl but there has been a new addition that we are going to discuss today which is Glass.

20th Century Architecture has greatly favored Steel, Glass and Concrete in large scale manufacturing in the urban areas. Buildings made out of Glass and steel have become the image of prosperity, where individuals will in general consider these to be as images of abundance and extravagance. Not only does glass look regal but it also helps you stay connected with the outside due to its transparency. Moreover, it is Eco friendly as all glass is 100% recyclable.

At TG Glass Works, Glass Canopies exist and they are just as beautiful as they sound but are, they practical? Let’s see!

Let’s talk about the advantages first:

  • If you are considering adding a Glass Canopy at the entrance of your commercial building then it will greatly benefit you as it will keep out the rain and provide shelter for your customers.
  • Due to its transparency, the overall design and look of your place will be enhanced as natural light instantly brightens up the mood, emanating a warm vibe which provides a better customer experience.
  • With all the natural light flooding in, your need of artificial light is lessened which means a drastic reduction in your electricity bills.

Now for the cons:

  • Due to the greenhouse effect, the heat absorption rate of glass is high which means usage of Air Conditioners will be increased during the summer season.
  • Glass ceiling gets dirty frequently and can be difficult to clean if you’re not getting professional help.
  • It can be unsafe during an earthquake.

As all things come with their respective list of pros and cons, Glass Canopies seem to be the talk of the architectural world so if you are residing in NYC New York Tristate Area and are looking to get your Canopy installed, just contact TG Glass Works and we’ll do your custom fabrication, personalized installation and repairing!


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