Glass Store Fronts- a tradition yet a compulsion

Glass Storefronts Types

Certain types of businesses such as shopping malls, shops facing the streets, car dealership stores and such requires to be put on a display so potential customers can be tempted to come in after getting a good luck from passing by. A clothing store with a glass front is likely to get 50% more walk in customers when compared with a store that has a closed off store front that does not offer a view as to what is being sold inside. You get a chance to display your most premium products as they can leave a positive long-lasting impression on passersby and they may end up becoming your loyal customers.

Types of Glass Storefronts:

The most common type of glass storefront is Annealed. The second is tempered glass which is preferred when your window is next to a door or closer to the ground. The reason for that it is tempered glass is 4 times stronger. The third type is laminated glass which is basically consists of two slabs of annealed glass sealed with film. This third type is quite difficult to break. But choosing what type you should go for also depends on an important factor that is if you have chosen single or dual pane.

Difference between Single Pane Storefront Glass vs Dual Pane Storefront Glass:

The thickness of a single pane is around 1/4th whereas dual pane has a 1/2 – ¾ in thickness. For single pane glass, you can easily get gray, bronze, green & blue (low-E glass) tints. For Dual pane, mostly gray, bronze and some shades of low-E energy glass tints are available. Single pane glass storefront that are near doors, windows or are closer to the ground goes best with tempered or laminated glass. In case of Dual pane glass storefront, you can get either annealed, laminated or tempered as all goes well with dual pane.

Wondering from you can get your Storefront installed:

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