Modern tendencies and drifts in curtain wall system

Curtain Wall System

The process of development and betterment never end in any field. Same is the situation with glass curtain wall system, the passage of time not only upsurges its need but also introduces new techniques and skills in this field. To encounter the advance rations the TG Glass Works is the name that is putting all its effort to mollify the customers.

Modern tendencies and drifts in curtain wall system

Let’s have a brief look at the latest aspects of modern glass curtain walls system, we offer

•    The slim curtain wall with the width of 50mm.

•    In unitized curtain wall system 60mm width is an optional pick.

•    Super ability to control auditory requirements and highly thermally efficient.

•    The unique amalgam of different face width glass to depict an exclusive and remarkable building design.

•    Parametric glass curtain walls to fulfill the 3D designing desires.

•    Advanced software for designing and controlling system.

•    Maximum usage of sunlight instead of artificial in order to save energy.

•    The ideal use of solar heat coefficient through the latest glass.

•    Exceptional working devices regarding entering and exit the building through glass curtain wall system.

•    High-quality sensor system and security measures with the help of latest glass technology.

Although, there are numerous benefits of advanced technology based glass curtain wall system.

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