Single glazed frameless glass walls and glass partitions

Glass Walls & Partitions

The single glazed frameless glass is the ideal and versatile replacement of solid walls and partitions. It divides the room with great aesthetic appearance. To get the best services in this regard you can trust the name of TG Glass Works. We have been providing glass walls and glass partition products with the name of high quality and trust.

Single glazed frameless glass walls and glass partitions

In our glass walls and glass partitions, we offer many features such as height option, designing, color scheming, straight or curved glass configuration, and many more to achieve your required look.  In the range of our glass, we have 6mm 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm toughened glass with lamination and without lamination. In frameless glass varieties, we offer the transparent view, custom graphics, and textures with the choices of residential and commercial layouts.

With frameless glass, we use aluminum tracks to fit the laminated, low iron, LCD glazing, and tempered glass walls and glass partitions. The pivot, sliding, swing, and hinged and any kind of doors can be installed in our manufactured glass walls and glass partitions.  For glass, we offer milky, smoky, tinted glass with blue, brown, and grey shades. We offer everything to accommodate your ideal room.

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