The glass railing is a stunning addition to any building to crepe up its worth and beauty. So, at TG Glass Works we offer two categories of glass railings to make your charming dream home or office come true.
1. Glass railings contingent on posts.
2. Glass railing attached with structural glass.

Glass railings contingent on posts

Glass railings contingent on posts:
In this type, the glass is attached to the posts and fully depends on them. The glass railings totally depend upon the style and frequency of the posts. In this type, the panels of glass are fixed on the posts from both sides with the interval of 1m. This type if glass railings can be taken in any size and style. Moreover, any kind of texture and graphics can double the beauty of glass railings.

Glass railings attached with structural glass

Glass railings attached with structural glass:
It is a new and modern technique of glass railings. In this type, the glass railing is attached to another glass instead of any steel or aluminum posts. In this method, the glass gives and takes strength and support to each other. In this type, the glass is entrenched form the bottom to support the load on the top. This system only needs the best level of glass thickness and works best on frameless grounds.