Two options for canopy fitting

Curtain Wall System

You have decided to fit glass canopy in your building but it is just not the end because you have to choose canopy fitting type. The fixing of glass canopy is a crucial stage because it is dependent on the design of canopy. The fixing contains all the supporting system of the canopy. So, here at TG Glass Works, we are presenting two options for canopy fitting for our customers.

  1. Spider Glass Canopy:

This kind of canopy is useful for residential and commercial areas. It requires a lot of provision area to stand upon. It refers to the heavily snowy and windy areas. Spider Glass Canopy needs larger space to show its best working proficiencies.  Due to its width and expansion style, it is called spider canopy.

Spider Glass Canopy

The salient feature of this type is that it condenses the tautness of installation process. It also helps to minimize the wind pressure.

  1. Tie rod Glass Canopy:

It is also good for residential and commercial use. These canopies can be given any customization option. It has the easy and stress-free installation procedure. This design of canopy is designed with six-degree rotation in any direction. Durability and pressure handling is its key factor so it goes with long term.

Tie rod Glass Canopy

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