Two types of curtain wall system

Aluminium Composite Panels

The incipient and embryonic trend of buildings is curtain wall system. This fashion is replacing solid walls to enrich the gaze of any building. The glass company NYC is renowned for its exceptional services and products for curtain wall system.

We offer two types of assembling mechanisms of curtain wall system.

•    Stick curtain walling method

•    Condense curtain walling method

Stick curtain walling method: in this method, we provide glass curtain walls in pieces. These pieces get assembled at the site. This method is best for the low rise buildings. Due to small pieces, there is no hustle and bustle in their transportation so this method is cost-effective.

Stick Curtain Wall System

Condense curtain walling method: as in contrast to the previous method, this method contains a single unit of glass curtain wall. All the glass pieces are assembled and intertwined from the manufacturing area. This method is specific for high rise buildings. There is no need for exterior machinery support. A single unit needs less effort to be installed but high charges for transportation.

Condense Curtain Wall System

So, keeping the convenience of our customers in view, we work accordingly. As customer’s trust is our main earning so we do our best to minimize the shifting and installing problems regarding glass curtain walls.

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