Types of aluminum composite panels

Types of aluminum composite panels

The highly used aluminum is available with different types of composite panels. At TG Glass Works we serve our customers with latest types and standard quality aluminum composite panels. Following are the description of its different types:

PVDF aluminum composite panels:

The PVDF is immensely used items for many objects due to its vast ground of benefits. There are some salient features for PVDF aluminum composite panels that makes it favorite in the home or other buildings:

  1. Superbly durable material
  2. Excellent power to combat unwanted weather conditions
  3. Easy installation process
  4. Multiple designing and coloring customization option
  5. Easy in maintenance

Corrugated aluminum composite panel:

It is one of the modern and trendy choices for buildings. This material is made from three layers in which two are pure aluminum and the central layer is made from the corrugated aluminum structure. It has following desirable qualities:

    1. Very handy in the installation process
    2. A good barrier against air and noise
    3. Lightweight material that makes it process comfortable
    4. Fully customized substantial according to customer’s demand and need
    5. Can be given any size and dimension.

Perforated aluminum composite panel:

      1. This type of aluminum composite panel is ideal for wall panels. Due to latest techniques, it can easily be mutilated and achieved the required wall panels. Its qualities are as below:

        1. A pure and long lasting effect of colors without any tarnished option.
        2. It is a cost-effective material that makes it preferred on other material options.
        3. It has the fantastic quality with high-level of stability.
        4. A good choice to represent any color and color blend.

Brushed aluminum composite panel:

This type of aluminum composite panel is similar to the perforated aluminum composite panel. It also contains three layers. Two layers definitely consist on aluminum and the inner layer contains PVDF core material but on distinguished notes, it has several brushed finishes. The gold and silver brush finish is the most demanding and favored finishing options.

Wood finish aluminum composite panel:

This type of aluminum composite panels comprises wood finish. It gives the natural wooden look that pleases the visitors. It is an environmentally friendly material. To enhance the beauty of any building this type of aluminum composite panel is idyllic and impeccable. Moreover, it has following characteristics:

      1. Easy in cleanliness process.
      2. Requires low maintenance cost.
      3. Provides eye-catching appearance
      4. It can resist unwanted factors like noise, harmful rays, etc.

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