Types of curtain walling system to avoid weather effects

Aluminium Composite Panels

TG Glass Works offer three types of techniques within the curtain wall system to face unwanted weather conditions.

  1. Front-sealed curtain wall system:

In this method, the building is covered with perfect execution of glass, its frame, panels, and its joints. It is a total casing of building against the unwanted weather effects. In this method, the flawless and tight implementation is the core feature to avoid the unwanted weather behavior.

  1. Drained and aerated curtain wall system:

This system is suggested for drainage of water and proper ventilation purpose. The holes are the key factor in this method to avoid water blockage. There is a big need to take proper consideration of hole’s sizes. We offer 8mm to 10mm hole sizes for openings and 20mm to 25mm for drainage.

  1. Pressure-equalized curtain wall systems:

The main screen is the fundamental fighting object in this system. The protected openings maintain the flow of air and keep the pressure balanced. This system works under the principle of pressure adjustment as the air enters the fissure it becomes mild and does not affect the balance.

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