Types of glass doors

Glass Doors & Entrance Systems

The TG Glass Works has an immensely huge field of glass doors to make your home attractive. You can choose any type of doors according to your requirements and space’s fit.  We offer doors in a variety of styles and mechanism. Let’s have a look on them so you may pick the right one.

Glass Doors & Entrance Systems

  • Bi-fold doors:

This type of glass door is amassed with series of single folding door panels. These doors can be framed or frameless. These doors contain two or more than two panels that fold along a windowsill trail and can be operated to one or both sides.

  • Pivot doors:

In this type of glass doors the joints have attached at the top and bottom of the door. The pivot door can be singular or manifold with the facility to open inside and outside as well.

  • Hinged doors:

The most customary and in-use type of glass door is hinged door. In this type the door is attached with a spinning hinge on one side of frame empowering other side to swing open from the wall.

  • French glass doors:

These glass doors are sum up with compound timber-framed glass panels. These glass doors can be swung inside and outside.

  • Sliding doors:

These doors have sideway preambles, sliding beside another attached glass panel. These doors are the best fit for narrow spaces.

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