The glass floor is the hot favorite choice among people and architects. It is now widely used in many building like homes, office, and other shops etc. these floors are the sleek and elegant way to make your building amiable and eye-catching. Keeping this in view, the TG Glass Works provides services and the solutions regarding glass floors. You can take us as a reliable and pocket-friendly service and solution provider. We offer the following types of glass for flooring purpose.
1. Float glass
2. White floor glass
3. Colored glass
4. Satin glass
5. Lacobel (varnished) glass
6. Laminated glass floor

Types of glass for floors

7. Toughened glass
8. Anti-reflection glass
9. Reflective glass
10. Steel-clad glass
11. Fireplace glass (combat with heat)
12. Self-cleaning glass
13. Decorative glass
14. Double glazing glass
15. Mate finishing glass
16. Silk screened glass
Every type of glass has its eminent and unique qualities. Consulting with our expert team will let you know that which kind is suitable for your building and any special theme for your glass floors required. But it is sure that every type is tested and approved from the architect’s laboratory and our services are flawless and gives you phenomenal appearance and attraction factor.