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At first look, the bulletproof glass may look same as standard glass but in reality, it is far different from its matchless properties. This type of glass contains multiple layers of tough glass and plastic as its interlayers. All this stuff makes it hefty and sturdier up to 10 times as compared to ordinary glass. When any bullet touches its surface the energetic force of the glass moves and spread over a large area so, grips the bullet’s intensity. The bulletproof glass slows down the force of bullet that it releases thus reduces its damage factor and becomes innocuous.

TG Glass Works offer Bullet Proof Glass Products

TG Glass Works offers 3 types of bulletproof glass.

Acrylic – Acrylic is a sturdy and strong clear plastic. It is considered more beneficial than glass and also it contains less weight than glass. The durability of acrylic depends upon its thickness. However, it also can be used as the interlayer for bulletproof glass.
Polycarbonate – It is also a plastic form but contains less weight even from acrylic. This is a soft kind of plastic that makes it easier to manage and peerless in strength. The more layers of polycarbonate make it more resilient.
Glass-clad polycarbonate – In this type, a combination of different materials within different layers makes the bulletproof glass. It can have multiple layers with a laminated surface. The heating and then cooling process makes it heavy-duty.

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