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The digitally printed glass at TG Glass Works is the versatile and functional object and has the ability to be used anywhere in exterior or interior applications. We have a special glass type called digitally printed glass. We are competent and loaded with the latest techniques to provide digitally printed glass to our customers to make their building outstanding.

This type of glass trend is emerging and becoming a favorite for the architects and building owners. We used to print glass with the help of digital files along with editing software. Any random design or specific image can be drawn on these glasses. Moreover, these glasses have the same durability and resistant powers as other glasses have. The digitally printed glass has also the best quality and long-term lifespan. It is also the best combat object against weather strictness without any dullness of color and print.

digitally-At TG Glass Works we offer digitally printed custom glass products

In the printing process of glass, the ink of multiple selective colors is healed thermally in the oven. During this process, the color stuck with the image on glass and comes out with the vibrant and neat surface. The digitally printed glass can be used indoors, walls and partitions, canopies, and windows etc.

To enjoy all the benefits of beveled glass with the desirable custom option you can simply trust on TG Glass Works. We serve our customers only tested and approved glass. Contact us via calling at +1 917 294 7720 or fill out our request a quote form with your requirements and we will give you a free estimate.

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