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Glass etching is the art of designing on the surface of the glass with the help of latest techniques. The glass etching is the type of glass having designs that result from acids. To find the best and perfect etched glass according to your choice and style you may consider the name of Glass Company NYC without any reluctance.
In our range, we serve rough, frosted, glittering, or smooth etched glass according to our customer’s demand. The design of etched glass surface depends upon the glass configuration and its method. For the convenience of customers, we have an excellent team of professionals that may be consulted to find the best option according to your place. We offer our customers the shaded or carved etched glass to meet their theme or need.

digitally-At TG Glass Works we offer custom etched glass products

Advantages of Etched Glass

Here are some of the salient advantages of etched glass:
1. The print designing lasts fresh and novel for a long time.
2. Any kind of surface can get through this process the matte, glossy, scratchy etc.
3. The finishing remains unbeatable with the diversity of time.
4. As durable as simple glasses without any compromise on the material.
5. With different colors amalgam, it enhances the beauty of the room and creates an aesthetic appearance.

To enjoy all the benefits of Etched glass with the desirable custom options you can simply trust on TG Glass Works. We serve our customers only tested and approved glass. Contact us via calling at +1 917 294 7720 or fill out our request a quote form with your requirements and we will give you a free estimate.

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