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Fire rated glass is the type of glass that is specially designed to bear the high power of fire and heat. This type of glass has the capability to stop heat transfer between glass panels. It is the ideal and perfect fit for those places that require complimentary protection along with the attraction factor. To enjoy all the benefits of fire rated glass you can just trust the name TG Glass Works that is providing its services to NYC and tri-state area with grace and trust.
Our fire rated glass is best to avoid damage and any mishap where there is the huge activation of fire working. We are fully loaded with world-class specialists for your assistance and to provide amazingly safe fire-rated glass.

At TG Glass Works we offer high quality fire rated glass products

Classifications of Fire Rated Glass

We offer multi-optional fire rated glass to suit your place and its requirements. For fire rated glass, we have three categories
1. E- Integrity
2. EW- Radiation Control
3. EI- Insulation
Every type has its specific qualities and can be customized to meet your demands. We just not provide our services regarding fire-rated glass but also their solutions. In case of any query, you can contact us as we are budget-friendly solution providers.

To enjoy all the benefits of fire rated glass with the desirable custom options you can simply trust on TG Glass Works. We serve our customers only tested and approved glass. Contact us via calling at +1 917 294 7720 or fill out our request a quote form with your requirements and we will give you a free estimate.

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