Various types of glass for doors

Sliding Glass Doors

You can experience the taste and grace of any shop or home even when you enter in. because the door is the first glimpse of any building. Keeping the importance of doors in view TG Glass Works is working unreservedly to provide the best glass door product. Regarding different characteristics, we offer various types of glass for doors.

  1. Clear glass doors:

The clear glass as it shows displays everything that’s going inside or outside. This type of glass door is best to keep an eye upon outside activities. It is a best and cost-effective source to light up the home or shop as it allows direct sun rays to enter in.

  1. Tinted, textured glass doors:

All these types of glass provide the elegant look to your door. Their difference is the point of selection for the customers. You can select any design or texture freely to add beauty to your entrance. You can adopt any color blend and color scheme according to your choice.

  1. Frosted glass doors:

These doors can be used to add a touch of privacy to your building. In this type, the view becomes blur although still letting the light to brighten up inner side.

  1. Double or triple glazing glass doors:

The double and triple glazing refers to the thickness of the glass. These types of glass doors reduce the conduction of outside noise. Moreover, these doors are more pocket-friendly as they restrict the heat to pass through and maintains the temperature.

  1. Toughened glass doors:

According to safety manner toughened glass doors are best for shops and homes. This type of glass is thicker as compare to the standard glass. These doors have the ability to fragment into small particles instead of hefty and harmful pieces. It can bear the unordinary pushes of human mistakes and does not fell upon like large pieces.

Due to its safety quality it is the most common and preferred type of glass for doors.

  1. Laminated glass doors:

This type also justifies the security desire but counters oppositely to toughened glass. The laminated glass is consist upon two layers of glass while poly vinyl lies between two layers. The interlayer bounds the two layers strongly and counterattack against hard thrusts and shoves.

Where there is engagement of human activities the laminated glass doors works the best.

So, if you want any kind glass door with preeminent standard you can trust our name.

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